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Honeycomb Cookie Cutter Stamp - Removable Head

Honeycomb Cookie Cutter Stamp - Removable Head

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The cookie-cutter stamps shape and imprints exquisite patterns onto the baking dough.

There are lots of uses for cutters such as:
adorable ornaments
fun fruits & veggies

Our recipe for success:
– Spray the cutter stamp with oil before pressing down.
– Use chilled (not frozen) dough. If your dough is sticking, pop it in the freezer for a couple of minutes.
– If your dough is too moist and sticky, add some flour to your dough.
– Most dough expands when it bakes so in some cases the details may vary on the final product.
– For play-doh you can put saran/cling wrap over the play dough for easy pressing and removal.

Hand wash with soap and water. Allow to air dry thoroughly.
Or remove the wooden handle and place the stamp in the dishwasher.

*This is not a toy, supervision is required with small children.
*Not microwave safe.

Any questions, please email us.
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